Год публикации
Михаил Бурцев Олег Сериков Денис Кузнецов Дмитрий Евсеев Лидия Остякова Данила Корнев

Discourse-Driven Integrated Dialogue Development Environment for Open-Domain Dialogue Systems


Development environments for spoken dia-logue systems are popular today because they enable rapid creation of the dialogue systems in times when usage of the voice AI Assistants is constantly growing. We describe a graphical Discourse-Driven Inte-grated Dialogue Development Environment (DD-IDDE) for spoken open-domain dialogue systems. The DD-IDDE allows dialogue ar-chitects to interactively define dialogue flows of their skills/chatbots with the aid of the discourse-driven recommendation system, en-hance these flows in the Python-based DSL, deploy, and then further improve based on the skills/chatbots usage statistics. We show how these skills/chatbots can be specified through a graphical user interface within the VS Code Extension, and then run on top of the Dialog Flow Framework (DFF). An earlier version of this framework has been adopted in one of the Alexa Prize 4 socialbots while the updated ver- sion was specifically designed to power the de- scribed DD-IDDE solution.

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