Год публикации
Александр Панченко Даниил Ларионов Vasiliy Viskov George Kokush Steffen Egger

Semantically-Informed Regressive Encoder Score


Machine translation is a natural language generation (NLG) problem that involves translating source text from one language to another. Like every task in the machine learning domain, it requires an evaluation metric. The most obvious one is human evaluation; however, it is expensive, time-consuming, and not easily reproducible automatically. In recent years, with the introduction of pretrained transformer architectures and large language models (LLMs), state-of-the-art results in automatic machine translation evaluation have significantly improved in terms of correlation with expert assessments. We introduce MRE-Score, which stands for seMantically-informed Regression Encoder Score. It is an approach that constructs an automatic machine translation evaluation system based on a regression encoder and contrastive pretraining for the downstream problem.

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