More than 40 AI researchers are involved in projects of the institute. They work together with global IT community, academic and industrial collaborators
Establishing research collaboration with academic institutions and labs, setting AI research institute Departments at major universities
Conducting cutting edge research and becoming center of AI expertise, participating in shaping global AI research agenda
Providing research grants to strategic collaborators and scholarships to outstanding postdocs and graduate students
Organizing and supporting international scientific conferences, training sessions, public seminars, discussion groups, and AI competitions
Developing industrial partnerships and startup mentorship, creating opportunities for technology commercialization
Building global technological presence though development, promotion and support of open-source AI projects
Credit: Intl. Health Forum 2015, Wort & Bild Verlag, Eleana Hegerich
Maria Marakhovskaya
HR Director
Natalia Bokova
Yuliya Polovnikova
Academic Partnerships Director
Head of Legal
Chief scientific advisor
Jürgen Schmidhuber
Leonid Zhukov
Scientific Director
Mikhail Burtsev
Chief marketing officer
Alexandra Broytman
We collaborate with universities, scientific centers, and companies that are interested in artificial intelligence
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