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Our mission is to create universal artificial intelligence systems that solve real-world problems
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Scientific research is our contribution to the development of artificial intelligence

Our scientists are looking for answers to the most complex and interesting challenges that our society and science face. They share the results of their work in well-known journals and at conferences.
Software Impacts
GP CC-OPF: Gaussian Process based optimization tool for Chance-Constrained Optimal Power Flow
Mile Mitrovic, Ognjen Kundacina, Aleksandr Lukashevich, Semen Bydennyy, Petr Vorobev, Vladimir Terzija, Yury Maximov, Deepjyoti Deka
Co-occurrence Networks for Word Sense Induction
Innokentiy Humonen, Ilya Makarov
Multi-modal RGBD Attention Fusion for Dense Depth Estimation
Kirill Zhingalov, Aleksei Karpov, Ilya Makarov

We are always happy to share our discoveries and exchange ideas in the field of artificial intelligence.

We regularly perform at conferences, participate in artificial intelligence competitions, hold our own scientific seminars and educational events.
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We are always looking for outstanding scientists and researchers, professionals and enthusiasts in the field of artificial intelligence.
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We are open to cooperation with the scientific community and business
You can ask us a question or suggest a joint project in the field of AI
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