AIRI mission – to create

universal AI systems that solve real-world problems

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We value
human centricity
responsibility & contribution
responsibility & contribution
collaboration & partnership
collaboration & partnership
scientific freedom
scientific freedom
openness & transparency
openness & transparency

Our research and scientific projects are focused on improving the quality of life

Work of scientific groups and employees of the Institute is based on mutual respect and support

We respect the scientific community and business, our audience and partners

AI technologies will help solve existing problems and prevent future ones

We comply with ethical standards and believe that science should work for the benefit of people

Applying research results to real life is the key to accelerating science and predicting the future

Collaboration between scientists, business and educational institutions brings research closer to the real world

Joint efforts open new horizons for breakthrough results

We unite to popularize scientific knowledge

We believe that science is a way of self-expression

We strive to meet the challenges of the time and make discoveries to benefit humanity

We are open to new ideas and provide scientists with the opportunity to do what they are really interested in

We are honest and sincere in our work and in relation to each other

We conduct educational activities and strive for the development of open source projects

Publications of researchers and the results of the Institute's activities can be found in the public domain

AIRI in numbers

AIRI brings together researchers, data scientists and data engineers who are engaged in breakthrough AI research
employees currently work at the Institute
AIRI in numbers
scientific groups are engaged in AI research
scientific projects launched
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As a scientific non-profit organization, we work in several directions
Conduction of breakthrough research in the field of artificial intelligence and work towards the formation of a global center of expertise
Contribution to the development of artificial intelligence
Participation in the global development of artificial intelligence through the creation, development and support of open source projects
Scientific and industrial partnerships
Development of partnerships with scientific organizations, industry and government, development and commercialization of technologies in the field of artificial intelligence
Cooperation with institutes, universities and industrial partners to launch joint research laboratories in the field of artificial intelligence
Popularization of AI
Holding specialized conferences and events, creating and supporting competitions, promoting AI technologies
Allocation of research grants, establishment of scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students, young researchers and teachers


The main goal of AIRI -
find opportunities to use artificial intelligence for solving complex scientific, social and economic problems

Core research

Progress in solving the fundamental problems of machine learning and creation of essentially new algorithms capable of learning about the world around us are some of AIRI's most important goals. This is an exciting journey towards more and more universal intelligent systems, which will not only create smart assistants for us, but will inevitably lead to a deeper understanding of the nature of the human mind.

The core research of our scientists is focused on large-scale learning systems, including language and multimodal models, as well as logic and neuroscience-inspired approaches to the study of artificial intelligence.

  • Fusion Brain
  • AGI Med
  • Learnable Intelligence
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Computational Semantics
  • NLP
  • Domain-specific NLP
  • Personalization Technologies
  • Reliable and Secure Intelligent Systems
  • Self-supervised and representation learning
  • Neural Symbolic Integration
  • Probabilistic Learning
  • Weakly Supervised NLP
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Applied research

Science cannot exist in isolation from everyday life, and applied scientific research links them together. They are aimed at solving technological and social problems, practical application of research results and search for new ideas and directions. The Institute is actively developing applied research in order to use artificial intelligence algorithms for solving real-world problems.

Modern algorithms do not yet have sufficient knowledge about the structure of the world and the laws of nature, which are necessary to solve many practical tasks. AIRI applied research aims to create high-tech artificial intelligence algorithms that respect and use the fundamental laws of nature, such as the laws of conservation of energy or the principles of quantum mechanics, as well as incorporate human accumulated knowledge and expertise. Based on this approach, AIRI scientists model and create digital twins from the micro to macro world - from the level of molecules and crystal lattices to human anatomy and industrial equipment.

  • Bioinformatics
  • DL in Life Sciences
  • Neurointerfaces
  • New Materials Design
  • Industrial AI
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We are open to cooperation with the scientific community and business
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You can ask us a question or suggest a joint project in the field of AI



Contact information
Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AIRI)
+7 926 4121837